Happy New Year from Carmel and Sylvia!!!

Greetings from Sylvia and Carmel,

We want to wish everyone a very wonderful 2011.

Carmel had a great holiday season-receiving several toys. Of course, she proceeded to destroy one within 48 hours. It was a very coll “bowling pin”. She loved that it squeked, and she chewed it right to bits. However, I have to say she did amazing with not touching all of the holiday decorations. She never touched the tree, except initially when she thought the shiny balls on it were for her-smile!. I thought she would really want to play with all of our stuffed bears, but she didn’t even touch them once.

Anyway, it was a great holiday, and we are back to work.

On another note, we have learned that Carmel is most likely allergic to wheat/grain. We discovered in a regular vet visit that she had an ear infection-she had been shaking her head a bit occasionally. The vet said wheat/grain allergies are common among labs. So, it’s been ear drops for about a month. Yesterday she was back for a check up and the vet said things are looking better but still to continue with the ear drops. By the way, I did change her food.

Would you believe Carmel and I have been together over 6 months now-and every day she matures. She is still a puppy at heart and loves to play-but she is getting more and more reliable. I can barely remember life before Carmel.

And, of course, Olivia loves her so much.

So, have a wonderful 2011

Sylvia and Carmel the guide dog!

Sylvia Stinson-Perez

Executive Director



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  1. Nice report! Hope Carmel’s ear condition clears up. She sounds like a very cute and personable dog. Glad she’s so helpful to you, Sylvia. Also, glad to hear you are pleased that you have her.

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