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Carmel and Sylvia together for 2 years!

On May 22, 2010 I travelled to Morristown, New Jersey to start my guide dog journey. I described my experience at the training in my blog, and had hoped that I would continue a bit over the time Carmel and I worked together. But, I find myself at 2 years with Carmel and limited blogs. All I can say is life has been busy for both me and Carmel.

We’ve had lots of great experiences-we’ve flown on planes, rode on tour buses, stayed in many many hotels, met many great people, been to lots of events, gone hiking, played with lots of children, and gone to lots of business meetings and networking events-and we’ve spent lots of time at home and in the office!

Carmel is still a puppy at heart at 3 ½ years, but she has matured so much. She is a great dog guide and a wonderful companion. She is loved by all. Carmel is so friendly and sweet-you can always count on her to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Of course, she thinks about eating all of the time-she wkes me up on Saturday at 7 a.m. still to get fed, and then she goes back to sleep, which of course now I am up so can’t myself. She loves attention and gives eyes to everyone. She’s sweet and really smart. She loves to take a bath now-b/c she knows it leads to a carrot. Sometimes she even tries to get in our baths if she hears the water running-so she can get her treat. She loves to get her teeth brushed-yes, it’s all about licking the doggie toothpaste. She will sit and listen to my daughter play the piano like she’s a real person-she just gives her full attention-it’s so cute. She loves to play and is so jealous of us all. If any of us hug on each other in the family Carmel thinks she has to be right in the middle of us.

Carmel is a great guide and seems to get better everyday. We have really learned each other and work well together. I look forward to many more years with my Carmel girl.

Best to you all.


P.S. there are photos on the website of the Lighthouse


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